Past Shows

Perhaps you have seen someone on television or at another venue, and are wondering if you’ve seen them here before. For the trivia buffs, this page lists all past performers for the Clear Lake Area Concert Association.

Portrait of a Queen with Cece Teneal
Spencer Day
The Travis Anderson Trio
How Sweet it Is! with Steve Leslie
Sundae + Mr. Goessl
Barron Ryan
The Chipper Experience
Miss Myra and the Moonshiners

Ball in the House
Jason Farnham
Double Double Duo
(final show cancelled–COVID)

Swing Your Strings
The Funniest Night of your Life with Todd Oliver
Those Were the Days
Paul the Beatle

Scarborough Fair
Anderson Brothers
Cahal Dunne
Prime Time Trio

A Band Called Honalee
Jenn Bostic
Paul Asaro
Seraph Brass

Denny Diamond and the Jewels
Roy & Rosemary
Mack Bailey
Alex Meixner Band 

Six Appeal
O Sole Trio
Harmonious Wail
Link Union

The Abrams Brothers
World on a String with Doug Mattocks
Jazz Coalition Big Band
John Davidson

John Denver Tribute
Raiders of the Lost Art
Rodney Mack Big Brass

Street Corner Symphony
Gizmo Guys
Richie Lee & the Fabulous Fifties

2010 – 2011
The Marlins
Simon & Son
Just Friends
Redhead Express

2009 – 2010
Home Free
Sally Harmon
Riders in the Sky

2008 – 2009
Small Town Stories with Neal Hagberg
Fascinating Gershwin
Synergy Brass Quintet

2007 – 2008
Four Shadow
Hunt Family Fiddlers
Santa Cruz River Band
Barbary Coast Dixieland Band

2006 – 2007
Golden Dragon Acrobats
Angela Jia Kim
Bill Schustik
Uptown, Lowdown Jazz Band

2005 – 2006
Tin Roof Tango
Marfcoux Corner Christmas
Romance of the Flute & Harp (Linda Chatterton and Ann Lobotzke)
Butch Thompson Big 3

2004 – 2005
New West
Juggernaut Jug Band
Synergy Brass Quintet

2003 – 2004
Moore By Four
Watters Brothers Quintet
Red, Hot & Blue!
The Tiller’s Folly

2002 – 2003
Brassissimo Vienna
Neal & Leandra “Songs from the Road of Life”
Bourbon Street

2001 – 2002
Shangri-La Acrobats
Marcoux Corner
James Buxton
Ronnie Kole Duo
Connie Evingson “Tribute to Peggy Lee”

2000 – 2001
Paul Asaro Trio
Common Ground
Trio Vivant
Hudson Shad

1999 – 2000
Bending the Bows
The Marlins
Vox P
Tony Sandler

1998 – 1999
Three Hits and a Miss
Dixie Power Trio
Michael Johnson
Lisitsa & Kznetsoff
Rekkenze Brass

1997 – 1998
Patrick Sheridan
Sons of the San Joaquin
The Ahn Trio
Tonic Sol-fa
Tony Caramia

1996 – 1997
St. Olaf Orchestra
The Lowe Family
Chestnut Brass
Mac Frampton Trio

1995 – 1996
Golden Strings
Weekley & Arganbright
The Shoppe

1994 – 1995
Steel Bandits
James Buxton
Pump Boys & Dinettes
Roberto Diaz
Rhythm & Brass

1993 – 1994
The Blenders
Joe Carter
Tom Prin Trio
Travelin’ Light

1992 – 1993
Southwest Brass
Café Noir
Gilbert & Sullivan Revue
Tony Sandler

1991 – 1992
Tribute to Harry James
The Dutton Family
Ecco Trio
Jones & Co.

1990 – 1991
Reuben Ristrom
Tom Woodman
By George! (Gershwin revue)
Paragon Ragtime Orchestra

1989 – 1990
Trio Concerto
O.T. Jazzing
Dames at Sea
New Christy Minstrels

1988 – 1989
Crescent City Jazz
Brian Ganz
Warland Singers

1987 – 1988
Marriage of Figaro
Manfredo Fest Trio
Michael Johnson

1986 – 1987
McNeil Singers
When Music Was Msic
Woodwind Quintet
Mark Twain

1985 – 1986
Mercer & Chapman
Swingle Singers
Ronnie Kole
Brass Ring Quintet

1984 – 1985
Harlem Gospel Singers
St. Olaf Orchestra
Dance Alive

1983 – 1984
HMS Pinafore
Jury’s Irish Cabaret
Bill Crofut

1982 – 1983
Indiana University Band
California Boys Choir
Ronnie Kole Trio
Best of Broadway

1981 – 1982
Norman Luboff Choir
The Mikado
H. Griffin Trio

1980 – 1981
Chestnut Brass
Big Bands