Memberships & Tickets

Each year the Clear Lake Area Concert Association selects its acts for the following season, then before that season begins, sells memberships to support the selected programming. Therefore, tickets are sold primarily on a membership (season ticket) basis–see current pricing below.  Single-event passes are also available for any show for $25 each.

Membership prices are quite reasonable, costing no more than a single-event ticket at many other venues. This means that even if you have to miss a performance, your membership is still a great value. Also, you may loan your ticket to a friend. Keep in mind that your season ticket allows you to attend not only the performances in Clear Lake, but also the performances in reciprocal communities!

2022-2023 season membership prices:
NOTE:  Nov. 18, 2022 through Feb. 11, 2023, “mini-season membership” pricing will apply:

Adult: $50  $30
Student: $10 free
Family: $110  $60

Single-event passes:  $25

Want to do more? Explore our patronage & sponsorship options!

Memberships or tickets may be purchased at the door of any concert, with these additional options available as well:

    • Contact any board member
    • Call (641) 529-1964 or email
    • Stop in at the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce at 205 Main Ave., Clear Lake, or Grabinski Law Office at 1102 8th Ave. Ct. S., Clear Lake.